Message from Dr. Chen Lee, Plastic Surgeon

  • Message from Dr. Chen Lee, Plastic Surgeon

My goal as a Board Certified plastic surgeon is to provide you with a better understanding of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that are available. As an informed patient, you will be more comfortable with your choice to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery and are likely to have a better and more satisfying result from your cosmetic facial plastic surgery or cosmetic body plastic surgery. This website is filled with information and photos describing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures of the breast, face, and body.

For greater detail, you will find my newly launched section containing cosmetic surgery information in a series of practical guides. Each guide is filled with useful tips and suggestions to assist you in decision, preparation, procedure, and recovery on a specific cosmetic surgical procedure. Breast augmentation is the first of this series of practical cosmetic guides. Check back frequently as this will be expanded to include many more cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Email me if you have a preference as to the next cosmetic procedure to be consolidated into a practical information guide for inclusion on this website.

Take your time.  Enjoy your learning experience and feel free to contact us with questions or comments. I take great pleasure to meet inquisitive people and encourage your visit at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal office near the Atwater metro located in the Westmount district of Montreal, Quebec.


Chen Lee, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
Cosmetic Surgery Montreal