Q: Whats the Best Bra to Wear After the Post Op Period

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A: Your doctor must customize your garment and bra recommendations

Many recovery garments and bras are commercially available. Some garments are designed to prevent superior migration of the breast implant by compression and stabilization to its desired position. Other recovery bras elevate the breast superiorly to relieve pressure on the fresh incision and protect the shape on the bottom pole of the breast. Your best choice of garment and bra must be customized to the specific technical aspects of your cosmetic breast procedure that you have undergone.

To obtain long term natural looking breasts, your doctor must customize your garment and bra recommendations.

Q: Post Op Bra and Medications?

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I am assuming this varies from doctor to doctor and I plan on asking my PS these questions as well, but I was wondering how the majority would answer these questions. Will I need to buy a post op bra or will/should it be provided by my surgeon? I've heard about "silicone" bandages or something along those lines for scarring after surgery. Are these good to use? Amica Montana pills, vitamin E and B? Are these reccomended and safe?

A: Good questions for your consultation

The use of garments is at times necessary to control implant position in the early post operative period. The need to use such garments depends on the tightness of your breast envelope, whether the implant is position under or overtop of the muscle, and the philosophy of your treating doctor. For example, tight lower pole of the breast along with submuscular implant placement often pushed the implant too superiorly in the early post operative period. This high implant position can be prevented or improved by use of specially designed compression breast garments to push the implant downwards in the early first 6 weeks after surgery. Siicone sheeting can often help scars soften and mature if used in the first 6 months following surgery and worthwhile to consider using starting 2-3 weeks after surgery. I am not a fan of using Arnica or Vit E. They are not proven but probably not harmful.

Q: No Bra post-Breast Augmentation??

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I just had my breast done 4days ago.I was a 32b and i wanted a full C so he put 350cc of saline in me. Now the next day after my surgery he told me no bra for 3weeks so they can drop.I been in soo much pain so i went back in to see him. now he put a sports looking bra on me!? one looks bigger than the other. i just dont know what to make of this. im alil confused. can someone help me understand why he would say no bra and then tell me wear a bra. he says the implants are ok but one looks bigger?

A: Bra and garments are used to control position

Bras and external garments are used adjunctively to control position of the implant so that they will heal in a desirable position. If the pocket is well dissected and the implant is stable in the pocket then no garment may be necessary at all. However most patients have tight lower breast envelopes that push the implant superiorly. In these instances in might be warrented to use a specialized bra strap to resist superior migration. In contrast an iplant placed for revisional breast surgery for a bottomed out breast miight require a support bra to lessen the forces acting on the breast to bottom out again. Usually the pocket stabilizes by one month to remove all external supports. I hope this information helps you interpret your doctors recommendation but without knowing further details of your situation it is difficult to comment more.

Q: Pain when Wearing a Bra Post-op

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20 days post-BA (250cc silicone moderate profile unders inframammary). At 14 days with surgical strap I felt the implant edge on the left breast. My PS said to stop wearing the strap and try a supportive sport bra. The sport bra hurts: muscle spasms, tightens up, feels like 'let down' when breast feeding. Some numbness and tingles. Have tried different bras. Am massaging. The muscle is tight and ROM is limited on left side. Sensitive to touch. Can feel the implant over most of the left breast.

A: Common with subpectoral implant

What you are experiencing is very common after subpectoral implantation. I am not fond of massages with textured implants under under the muscle as it may increase your symptoms and does not decrease capusules from forming. Your implants appear to be well positioned so the need for any type of external bra or straps is unnecessary. Just use what makes you comfortable and time will take care of the rest.