Q: Saline or Silicone for Someone with Adequate Breast Tissue?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 12:07

Getting BA done next month. My doctor usually recommends silicone because most of his patients have an A cup. After my exam, he said I could go with silicone or saline because I'm a full 34B cup. He said I have enough breast tissue so there wouldnt be a difference, and would get the same results.

It will be soft as silicone, and give me good projection. I'm a 34 full B, shooting for a 34 full D.What would you suggest? Also, 450cc or 500cc?Would like fuller, natural feel, look, and movement.

A: You have choices, let your preferred incision guide your implant decision

Let your incision choice and size of implant dictate your type of implant. If you prefer to scar in the areolar complex, then use a saline implant as your areola is not large enough to permit placement of a large silicone implant. If you prefer the inframammary incision, then go with the cohesive get as the feel more natural. Request for them to be place in the submammary position as it is far less painful and you have sufficient breast to adequately prevent ripples even from saline implant to show.