Q: Upper pain on right breast when using muscle, 2 months post op is it normal?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Mon, 09/05/2016 - 21:00

The top of my right breast is painful whenever I use my right arm. Ive had BA 2 months ago, under the muscles. My breast seem to Have dropped nicely but I can feel a hard spot on my muscle/ top of my breast. Whenever I lift something, open soirs etc its painful. Should I worry? Ive only started to sleep on my side few days ago. Also I Have upper pole fulness, can it still Go down after 2 months?

A: Your are still very early with spontaneous improvements still expected

Thank you for your photos and questions. The symptoms you describe are very common 2 months after submuscular breast augmentation. The breasts will continue to soften and the upper pole fullness improve. Be patient as these final changes may take another 4-6 months. Keep your surgeon posted on your concerns.

Q: Muscle Detached from Sternum From Breast Augmentation - Will It Get Worse over Time?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 12:26

Muscle detached from sternum (right side) from ba -Implant slightly bottomed out medially & inferiorly -I have saline (325 filled to 390) - Starting to notice rippling in my right cleavage where my muscle got separated.

I'm thin and worried that the 'exposed' implant in my right cleavage is going to show more rippling with time. Should I wait & see how bad it gets or should I get a revision now? Is it harder to fix if it gets worse? Results are fantastic but worried.


A: Enjoy your results

Your results are good. At present, it is not really a good idea to address relatively minor concerns.

Q: Burning in Sternum After Breast Augmentation

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 08:01

Is it normal to still have a burning sensation in my muscle near my sternum 7 months post? It just happens to be on my breast that has slightly bottomed out and where the muscle got partially detached along my sternum.... the bottom of my breast is also numb on that side.

It could just be nerves or it could be the muscle being stretched by the implant still.I also get burning in my nipple, but I'm not sure if it's related.My surgeon doesn't know why I'm getting burning in my sternum in my muscle.

A: Burning 7 months after is not common

Burning 7 months after breast augmentation is not common.  Likely origin of the problem is nerve injury.  If symptoms improve with implant manipulation  then one can consider revisional surgery for symptoms.  Otherwise it be best to review with your surgeon nonsurgery options based on your symptomatology (sometimes medications such as neurontin, or desensitization techniques via OT).