Q: Why Do Natrelle Saline Implant Shell Have a Small Amount of Cc Fill Comparing to Mentor?

Mentor seems to have around 80cc's where as natrelle only has 20cc fill. Anything over that is considered overfill. I'm getting 320 natrelle HP implants. my doctor wants to either fill it up to 350 or fill it up to 370. I'm a little worried filling it to 370 to make the implant feel more firm and look too fake. I am opting for the natural look but want around 375 cc's Would getting a 330 mentor HP implant and filling it to 370 make a difference? (in look and firmness)

A: Staying within the manufacturer’s parameters is a good idea

Staying within the manufacturer’s parameters is a good idea as it will preserve your warranty. I would not worry about the range difference between the two companies as all these implants are over engineered to be filled multiple times beyond their designated volumes. What usually fails is the shell from cracks at folds or from valves that leak. The footprint design and projection are what matter to your look and not the degree to which implants are overfilled. So probably not such a good plan to choose the lower designated volume Mentor to overfill. Overfilling to prevent ripples is overrated.

Q: Breast Augmentation Revision: How Long Until They Feel Real?

I had salines put in about 4 months ago and did not like them so I had them exchanged for smaller 250 cc silicones through the aerola.They dont seem swollen now 3 weeks after surgery and the incision is healing really well but i can feel the implant in my breast just as much as I did my saline and it is hard and tender at the bottom of my breast.Will they soften up more just like they did before or are they pretty much the final result wen u hav a revision? (I was a small c before implants)

A: 3wks is very early after surgery breast-they will feel different

3wks is very early after surgery, especially if a capsulectomy was performed. You can be sure to that it will change. I have attached an information page on healing following breast augmentation at my website detailing what to expect with tips that might help. Wishing you the best.

Q: Bottoming Out After Breast Augmentation

Three Weeks Post-op BA and BL, Bottoming out in Right Breast? I had 300 cc silicone moderate profile smooth round implants. I was 32A and wanted to achieve 32B, a natural look. I am starting to worry that my nipples might be too high and the right breast is starting to bottom out?

A: Appear to have had vertical mastopexy

Based on your photos it appears that you had a vertical mastopexy with implants. Such mastopexies often appear long in the vertical inferior pole. That should not be confused with implant descent and bottoming out. Give it time to settle. When the scars are soft a minor revision of the inferior pole of the vertical scar might be warranted.

Q: Saline or Silicone? I need the most natural feel, look, and movement

Getting BA done next month. My doctor usually recommends silicone because most of his patients have an A cup. After examining me, he said I could go either way; silicone or saline because I'm a full 34B cup. He said I have enough breast tissue to where you won't tell a difference. I would still get the same results, will be soft as silicone, and give me good projection. I'm a 34 full B.I'm shooting for a 34 full D.What would you suggest? I need the most natural feel, look, and movement.

A: Evaluate factors such as size, incision you prefer to make you choice

You have a wonderful breast envelope capable of holding many saline or silicone in the preferred submammary plane. If your preference is to have the smallest incision possible in the areolar region with a large implant, then saline will be best. If you prefer an inframammary incision with softer more natural breasts then choose silicone.

Q: Saline or Silicone for Someone with Adequate Breast Tissue?

Getting BA done next month. My doctor usually recommends silicone because most of his patients have an A cup. After my exam, he said I could go with silicone or saline because I'm a full 34B cup. He said I have enough breast tissue so there wouldnt be a difference, and would get the same results.

It will be soft as silicone, and give me good projection. I'm a 34 full B, shooting for a 34 full D.What would you suggest? Also, 450cc or 500cc?Would like fuller, natural feel, look, and movement.

A: You have choices, let your preferred incision guide your implant decision

Let your incision choice and size of implant dictate your type of implant. If you prefer to scar in the areolar complex, then use a saline implant as your areola is not large enough to permit placement of a large silicone implant. If you prefer the inframammary incision, then go with the cohesive get as the feel more natural. Request for them to be place in the submammary position as it is far less painful and you have sufficient breast to adequately prevent ripples even from saline implant to show.

Q: Athlete with Large Pec Muscles Looking for Natural Breast Augmentation.

I am very athletic, I work out 6-7 days of the week (muscle training on at least 5 days weights & TRX) I would like breast augmentation, my breasts are truly just loose skin from being larger & then weight loss, there's no fat-this is the only place on my body with this issue (I wear a 36 B,a smaller size skin would push out sides/top of bra). I don't want to lose any of my abilities in athletic side & just want to fill the skin not oversize. I am good with silicone, not sure on the placement.

A: Muscled thin body types pose special problems in breast augmentation

If you proceed with breast augmentation you will be having to choose from the submusclular placement of implant where the muscle twitch will likely indent the implant and cause movement vs submammary where movement is not a factor but the thin subcutaneous skin may permit visible seams and ripples of the implant show through. This is especially a problem with saline problems.

If you do proceed with submammary do it with the silicone cohesive gel implants as the ripples and seems will be less.

Q: Small Anatomical Implants for Tuberous Breasts?

I'm having breast augmentation surgery to correct my small (symmetrical) tuberous breasts. I do not want much upper pole fullness or projection. I want my breasts to stay quite small and have a very natural slope. My doc (who specializes in breast reconstruction) has ordered Mentor 220cc silicone gel anatomical implants. He says they will not rotate if the pocket is the right size. Many docs on this site seem skeptical about anatomicals/textured. Are these implants right for my condition?

A: Your specific measurements and body type should drive implant choice

Your specific breast measurements and body type should drive implant choice.  Both the anatomic and round could work well but its actual selection must be driven by the details of your breast measurements.

Q: How many cc's will give me a natural and proportionate look?

I am 5'7", 200lbs with large body frame, wide shoulders/chest, small 40B-cup; I look manly. I am scheduled for a BA w/silicon in two weeks, but I am still stuck as to which CC size/profile shape will look best on me: 500cc or 550cc, moderate or moderate plus. I want to look natural/proportionate and do not want to regret 'not going bigger' later, but neither do I want to look like an 'overdone' porn star; I told the dr he can choose the final size/profile for me, but I'm still confused. Please help!

A: Use implant dimensions to guide you for the desired look

Thank you for the photos. Your final look will be determined by how the implant projects from your chest base and the tissue envelope that it sits under.  cc volume is not the ideal means by which to judge the fit of an implant.  Most mass manufactures of implants have modeled their styles of implants offered to match the base width of your native breast/chest.  As general rule, the measured base diameter of your chest/breast will yield the size of the implant footprint.  The projection is then adjusted by selecting from the mass production list of all major breast implant companies.  This is the most reliable standard to yield natural looking breast outcomes following breast augmentation. 

Instead of focusing on cc volumes, select the dimensions of the implant to match well with the base of your breast augmentation will have a far greater chance of being a natural look.  Wishing you a safe and satisfying experience.

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