Q: Nipple Surviving After Necrosis, How Long Does It Take For The Nipple To Return To Its Normal Color?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 22:50

Hi, after a breast lift my nipple turned black on the outer part of it. Eventually the black scab came off leaving my nipple pink. I have some color coming back in different areas I was just wondering how long does it take for the nipple to get some color. It has been five weeks since my surgery.

A: Nipple and areolae color dependent on pigment producing cells

Nipple and alveolar color are dependent on normal number and function of pigment producing cells residing deep in the skin. Pigment production from these cells can temporarily cease to function after being stressed by a loss of circulation. A deep injury might reduce the number of these cells and permanently affect your ability to produce pigment. Waiting for more than 6 months or until scars soften and mature is appropriate. If discoloration persists, treatment by tattoo might be warranted.

Q: Alternative Approach to Correcting Male Gynecomastia Deformities?

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I would really appreciate any advice anybody could offer. Last year I received gynecomastia surgery. The results are not sightly and I'm looking into corrective surgery. One of my nipples is very inverted (the nipple itself), while the other side seems to have experienced an aerola contour deformity (looks weird as I move around). Many MDs on this site recommend fat grafting, but another doctor I spoke to swears by a one time, fat flap sculpture, dynamic technique to permanently resolve.

A: Revision must be judged from risk/benefit standpoint

Revision must be judged from risk/benefit standpoint. You provide a good photo but an examination is necessary to determine maturity and mobility of the tissue planes deep to your areolae before a surgical plan of correction can be proposed. Visit a reputable experienced board certified plastic surgeon for another opinion.

Q: Puffy Nipples, Not Gynecomastia

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i had a consult with a plastic surgeon yesterday and he said that the gland under my nipples is very small. And that evey man has a little bit of gland and its not gynecomastia. You cant feel it unless i contract my muscles. And its about the size of the peanut. But its still the cause for my puffy nipples, because i have no fat. So i dont know what to do. Isit still gynecomastia but just a very mild case. and i need to only have a very small amount removed. Ive had it for 6 years now.

A: You are describing a very mild form of gynecomastia

You are describing a very mild form of gynecomastia. When confined to the areola, a reduction in the size of the areola and resection of the tissues just deep to its surface is usually sufficient to remedy the situation.

Q: 6 Weeks Post Op from Breast Lift with Implants- Rash on Nipples & Breasts

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real scaley. the skin around my nipples is a red rash. my incision goes around my nipples, down my breasts, and across the bottom. this appeared about 2 weeks post op

A: Most likely cause is contact dermatitis

It is difficult to be precise with the diagnosis without more information (i.e. photos). The possible causes include low grade skin infection, skin maceration and irritation, allergic contact dermatitis. Based on your description contact dermatitis is highly probable. A return visit to your surgeon is advised.

Q: Are my Breasts Saggy

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Sun, 06/12/2011 - 21:54

Im 20 and hate my breasts. The nipples point down and I have large arola with blue green veins. What should I do??

A: Might consider breast lift

Your breasts are large and appear to be sagging with wide areolae. You can consider a breast lift (mastopexy) to reduce the amount of sag and get desired areolae size. For best results contact an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Q: Strange Nipple Shape

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Hi, I am concerned about my left nipple and its irregular shape and protrusion. Just had implants and lift. One nipple is good, the other seems to be quite different and concerns me that it may need revision. Its only been three weeks but need to know if anyone would agree there is a slight problem evident at this early stage. Could the sutures be holding the edges and causing problems which will disappear later.Areola looks to be caught under at one point or popping out farther down?Thanks?

A: Too early to tell

At such early post-op stages for breast surgery, nipple asymmetry is normal due to swelling. It takes about 6 months for complete healing. If you are still concerned 6 months post-op please consult your plastic surgeon.

Q: Why my Breast Look So Bad After 8 Months

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i had breast implants and anchored 8 mths ago. my rt breast looks as is i had a skin graft at the bottom of it. my rt nipple is the size of a half dollar an lt nipple is the size of a quarter. i dont understand whats went wrong

A: Many women consider the scarring from a breast lift to be a serious drawback

Unfortunately, not all breast augmentation procedures have good turnouts. When combined with mastopexy many women consider the scarring from a breast lift to be a serious drawback to the procedure. Keyhole leave what is known as a "lollipop" scar, while a full mastopexy leaved an "anchor shaped" scar. It is difficult to help without an examination or seeing any photos. I suggest that you consult your plastic surgeon.

Q: Are my Nipples Still Too Low or Implants Still a Little High? or All Ok?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Sun, 06/12/2011 - 21:38

A: If you are 3-6 months post-op it is best to get checked by your surgeon

Depending on when your surgery took place you may need revision. If you are 3-6 months post-op it is best to get checked by your surgeon as the implants should have settled in their final position by now. The placement of the implants also affects the “settling time.” If the implants were placed underneath the muscle it will take more time for the implants to settle than if the implants were placed over the muscle. You may also want to consider a mastopexy (or breast lift) to shape the breast and change the position of the nipple to a more desired look. Consult your surgeon.

Q: Uneven Nipples After Breast Augmentation

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I had a breast aug 3 days ago. I was previously a 34B and got 300cc smooth under the muscle Mentor silicone. Based on what I've read I understand that it takes a while for them to drop. However, the implant on my right breast has dropped and the left one is a very weird shape and extremely high up. Due to this, my nipples are completely uneven (they were fine pre-op). I just want to make sure that this is normal and that my breasts aren't gonna stay uneven forever. About how long will it take?

A: 3 days after surgery is early

Asymmetry early after surgery is often accentuated by the swelling and tight submuscular pocket. The tight pocket often drives the implant superiorly. As swelling subsides and your tissues relax the implant will often descend into a better position. You can help it along with specialized garments to push the breast inferiorly. This is worthwhile doing consistently in the first 6 weeks before the pocket fully forms and seals the implant to its final position.