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Updated 11/07/2016
Cosmetic Surgery Montreal

I had always wanted to a full chin without surgery. Dr. Lee said he can give me a full chin with filler injections, no need for surgery. Now I have a full natural looking chin.


I had botox 3 months ago and the outcome has exceeded my expectations. I am extremely happy with the results. (traduit de l'anglais)


I chose him to be my surgeon for my breast implants because he is very knowledgeable, explains everything with great detail, inspires confidence, he is trustworthy and very calm and soft spoken.


 I never felt pressured to have the procedure, in fact told me it was not necessary and also encouraged me to consult other surgeons before making a decision


He is really patient, conscientious and professional. I am satisfied in every way and recommend him to any woman wanting to have breast augmentation.(translated from french)


Dr Lee is the most reassuring person I know. Soft spoken, wise and not at all intimidating, he explains everything in great detail


He is amazing!! Very patient and knowledgeable.


He guided me in the choice of prosthesis and the size to make sure that they were still proportionated to my size. I did not hesitate to make an appointment a few days later to plan surgery.(translated from french)


He is amazinggg, I kind of wish he would be my Family Doctor!!! he's so attentive and didn't pressure me at all, in fact he told me that he really didn't think I needed the breast augmentation.


One of the reasons why I chose this surgeon was that he does all the work himself, he does not delegate to nurses. He thus ensures personally that all his customers are satisfied at all times.(translated from french)


My chest was rather "deflated" and a "tubular" type which was bothering me a lot, and although it is not possible to completely change the shape of the breasts, Dr. Lee has almost made a miracle with mine!


Dr. chen lee even gave me his personal cell number in case I am worried! (WOW) I'm so happy with my experience and I do not regret my choice in any way.(translated from french)


He is extremely caring and concerned about the well being of his patients


 I will highly recommend him . You will be in good hands . Not to mention the results -so happy !! 


It's been three months that I've got operated and the result is great. The scar is really small and super nice.(translated from french)


Going with Dr. Lee was the best choice I've ever made. Girls from Quebec, you will NOT regret going with him


 Not only is he super good but also very kind. He is capable to say no to demands that doesn't make sense. He is also a good listener.The whole team, especially Anne, also do a terrific job.


I have been post-surgery for several weeks now, I'm so happy with the result! I finally feel beautiful. For real. And that is an amazing feeling. A huge thank you, Dr. Lee(translated from french)


I am 46 years old and had breast augmentation on May 1,2015. I've been looking for the right surgeon for as long as 13years. I have never felt comfortable until I met Dr. Chen Lee


Dr Lee is great. He really listened during the consultations, took a lot of time to listen to what I wanted, and was honest about what to expect regarding my results after the surgery


I have rarely seen a doctor give as much availability and feedback so fast(translated from french)


A big thank you to Anne, who reassured me more than once on the phone. Dr Lee leaves his cell number ... Outstanding !!!(translated from french)


From the first appointment its easy to see how much this doctor truly care about his patients. He is patient (God knows how many questions I kept asking!), he is kind, good listener and very realistic. I brought pictures with me of what I wanted and he explain to me why this was not feasible. He does not try to sell a false image or set false expectation to get a clients


I had a breast augmentation and the result is magnificent. They look  so natural that I have friends who has not even noticed.(translated from french)


Few months ago, I had a breast augmentation done by Dr.Chen Lee and it turned out beautiful ! I received many compliments from people who actually thought it was real and when i told them I had implants many couldn't believe it and wanted to touch it ..


Amazing Doctor , he explains everything and answers all your questions ! Also, he is very nice and cares a lot about his patients 


I had a breast augmentation with Dr Lee in November, and couldn't be happier with the results. I consulted one other surgeon before I visited Dr. Lee, but as soon as I met him, I knew he was the surgeon for me


I had never met a plastic surgeon before and I had other appointments with other surgeons that day and I canceled all of them knowing that he was the one doctor I could trust.(translated from french)


Dr Lee was great, listened, understood my needs and concerns. Good consults, took the time, extremely polite and fast for returning messages


 I had a very pleasant experience with the staff, everyone is friendly and always welcoming . I was very lucky , after my consultation Dr.Chen Lee accommodated me and I got my surgery quickly ! I was very happy because I wasn't able to get that anywhere else!


Some had pretty offices, others had fancy monitors that simulate the final breast augmentation result on your body, but none had the patience, kindness and helpfulness that Dr. Lee possesses


Good staff, welcoming, and calming. I had some questions about a migraine prior to operation, and dr.Lee texted right back. That is, to me, the best.


Dr Chen Lee is as good as they come. Him and his staff are kind, welcoming and go out of their way to accommodate you


Excellent service, whether is is his secretary or the team of nurses and the anesthesiologist and Dr. Lee himself.He takes the time necessary during the consultation and strives to inform us of everything, we do not feel pressure. Also, he is always on time and very punctual.(translated from french)


I was leaving for eight weeks and he arranged for me to get the procedure done before I left. I recommend him without hesitation!!(translated from french)


From the consultation right through to my current recovery, I have felt confidenence, support, guidance, trust and a level of "safety" from and in Dr Lee that I believe is a rare experience. Dr Lee portrays a high level of professionalism and expertise, I knew I was in good hands


He really is a super doctor.


Dr Lee is a wonderful plastic surgeon. Kind, compassionate, and caring. 


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My goal as a Board Certified plastic surgeon is to provide you with a better understanding of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that are available. As an informed patient, you will be more comfortable with your choice to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery and are likely to have a better and more satisfying result from your cosmetic facial plastic surgery or cosmetic body plastic surgery. This website is filled with information and photos describing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures of the breast, face, and body.
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