Blepharoplasty Before After #11

Before & After Eyelid Surgery


This 47-year-old woman desired arched eyebrows and well-defined creases to her upper eyelids. Upper blepharoplasties were performed in the same surgical setting as the brow lifts. Upper eyelid surgeries were performed with the following notables:

  • outpatient surgery
  • local anesthesia
  • brow lifts were performed at the same surgery
  • fat pads not resected

Photographs were obtained before and 1 month after eyelid surgery.

Note that the surgical cases of Dr. Chen Lee are presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. These illustrative cases should not be construed as a guarantee or assurance of the surgical results attainable by prospective patients. 



  • Skin excision
  • Muscle strip excision
  • No fat resection

Brow Lift

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