Breast Reduction Case #03

Before & After Breast Reduction


Small breast reductions refer to low-weight excisions in the range of 250 – 600 grams of tissue. Small breast reductions can often be treated as an extensive breast lift. The mild to moderate degrees of sagging respond wonderfully to vertical breast techniques where the vascularity of the nipple is preserved by using a superior pedicle.

  • Vertical breast reduction surgery
  • Short vertical scar in the shape of a “lollipop”
  • Vascular circulation to the nipple and areola – superior pedicle
  • Low volume excised (right 322g, left 336g).

Photographic documentation was obtained before and 7 months after surgery.  

Note that the surgical cases of Dr Chen Lee are presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. These illustrative cases should not be construed as a guarantee or assurance of the surgical results attainable by prospective patients.


Breast Reduction

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