Breast Augmentation Before After #42

Before & After Breast Augmentation


This young Asian woman desired larger breasts. The tight tissues of a woman who has not been pregnant slowed the descent of the implant. Months passed before the breast implants settle into its final position. The silicone breast implants had the following characteristics:

  • Natrelle® High Profile Gel Matrix Style 20
  • Volume: 350 ml
  • Composition: Silicone Cohesive Gel
  • Shape: Round
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Incision: Inframammary
  • Placement: Subglandular

Photographs were taken before and 7 weeks after surgery.

Note that the surgical cases of Dr. Chen Lee are presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. These illustrative cases should not be construed as a guarantee or assurance of the surgical results attainable by prospective patients.


Breast Augmentation – Silicone breast implants, subglandular position, inframammary incisions.

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