Brow Lift / Forehead Lift

A brow lift or forehead lift is a surgical procedure that improves the visible signs of aging on the forehead.

Brow Lift – The Essentials

During your consultation for a forehead lift, we will discuss various techniques, potential complications, the recovery process, and the resulting scars from the surgery.

Technique & Scars

Techniques for a brow lift or forehead lift in Montreal by Dr chen Lee.

The forehead lift, performed under general anesthesia, typically lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours. Hospitalization can occur on an “ambulatory” basis, allowing for discharge on the same day after a few hours of monitoring. However, Dr. Chen Lee may recommend a brief overnight stay in certain cases.

Scars resulting from the procedure are discreetly concealed within the hairline or positioned at the junction between the hairline and the forehead skin in instances of elevated foreheads. These scars span from one ear to the other.

This type of forehead lift addresses the removal of excess skin from the forehead area.

This surgery has become less popular since the use of botulinum toxin (Botox) for treating forehead wrinkles and frown lines.

The Temporal lift, performed under general anesthesia, typically lasts between 2 to 3 hours. Hospitalization is often conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing for discharge on the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

This procedure involves tightening the area from the temple to the eyebrow, lifting the tail of the eyebrow upwards if it is sagging or positioned too low.
Scars resulting from the surgery are discreetly hidden within the hairline or positioned at the junction between the hairline and the temple. These scars typically measure 3 to 5 cm. It is important to carefully gauge the degree of eyebrow lift to avoid creating an overly straight or stiff appearance.

In cases where it’s necessary to lift the entire eyebrow, addressing both its external and central parts without significant forehead wrinkles or skin sagging, surgical options may include the “Capillary Incisions” eyebrow lift or the “Direct Incision” eyebrow lift.

The Eyebrow Lift with “Hairline Incisions” is conducted under general anesthesia, typically between 2 to 3 hours. Hospitalization is often on an outpatient basis, allowing for discharge on the same day after a few hours of monitoring.
This procedure involves lifting the entire eyebrows upward without addressing forehead wrinkles or those between the eyebrows.

Scars are hidden at the junction between the hairline and the skin, parallel to the eyebrows. The scars measure approximately 5 cm (eyebrow length).

In cases where only a slight eyebrow droop exists and a less invasive procedure with quicker recovery is preferred, the “Direct Incision” eyebrow lift can be performed under local anesthesia.

The “Direct Incision” eyebrow lift is performed under local anesthesia and typically lasts between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. Hospitalization occurs on an outpatient basis, allowing for discharge on the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

This procedure involves lifting the entire eyebrows upward without addressing forehead wrinkles or those between the eyebrows.

Scars resulting from the surgery are discreetly positioned at the junction between the hairline above the eyebrows and the skin. These scars typically measure approximately 5 cm in length, which is the approximate length of the eyebrow.

Dr. Chen Lee performs this surgery most frequently in Montreal. Recovery is typically rapid, with patients experiencing significant improvement within approximately one week.

Brow Lift Considerations

The planning of your forehead lift or browlift surgery with post-operative instructions.

Before the procedure, Dr. Chen Lee conducts a thorough clinical examination. He will provide information about the procedure’s process and post-operative care and show you before-and-after photos from one-year post-surgery. Should you wish to schedule a surgery date following your consultation, a standard pre-operative assessment will be provided to you in the form of a prescription.

Dr. Chen Lee regularly performs this procedure at the Metropolitan Surgery Center or the ICS Surgery Center in Montreal. Surgeries always start very early in the morning, and you come out in the afternoon. Before the procedure, experienced medical staff will welcome you and make you feel comfortable during preparations for surgery.

After waking up, you’ll be escorted to a resting area to recover and regain your senses. Patients typically stay for about 4 hours before being discharged to return home safely and peacefully. It’s crucial that someone accompanies you to pick you up from the surgery center and helps take care of you during the initial days following the surgery.

Our team will call you two working days after surgery to check on your health and make sure your recovery is progressing smoothly. We’ll also address any questions or concerns you may have after your surgery. Your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled approximately 6 to 10 days later.

  • Maintain a seated or semi-sitting position as much as possible to reduce tension on the skin.
  • Sleep with pillows behind your back and below your knees for the same reason.
  • Take short walks inside your home, move your legs and ankles to prevent phlebitis.
  • Put cold compresses on your eyes for relief.
  • Take medications as prescribed.

Please contact us immediately if:

  • Your post-operative pain significantly increases.
  • You experience a high fever or excessive swelling.

Common risks and complications of brow lift surgery include:

  • Infection – Though rare, there is a risk of infection at the surgical site.
  • Hematoma – Collection of blood under the skin, leads to swelling and discomfort.
  • Nerve damage – Result in altered sensation or movement in the forehead or scalp.
  • Scarring – While efforts are made to minimize scarring, visible scars may develop at the incision sites.
  • Eyebrow position changes – changes in the placement of brows.
  • Anesthesia risks – General anesthesia carries inherent risks.

Financing & Convalescence

finance for brow lift or forehead lift

Dr. Chen Lee will explain the risks of cosmetic surgery and provide helpful tips for preparation before your procedure. He’ll discuss pre and post-operative instructions for brow lift surgery, including information about scars, techniques, and the expected healing process. The initial consultation typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, during which Dr. Chen Lee will address all your questions and concerns. Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed email a few days after your consultation, containing important documents such as consent forms, instructions, details about the surgery center, pricing, and financing options.

The cost of a brow/forehead lift in Montreal includes the fees of the surgeon, anesthetist and nurses. Also, the operating room and hospitalization costs, the price of medical supplies and follow-up for two years. Prices do not include revision fees and overnight hospitalization. If you require a possible touch-up and you choose general anesthesia, you will have to assume the costs. However, the revision may be minimal under local anesthesia, for example: a revision of your scar. The price always depends on the complexity of the surgery and the technique used. The price range for a Frontal lift is from $9,000 + taxes to $10,500 + taxes. The price range for a brow lift is from $4,000 + taxes to $5,000 + taxes under local anesthesia. Following your consultation, the fixed price will be provided once the plastic surgeon has determined the most suitable technique for your facial needs.

Payment for surgeries is typically made in two installments of 50% each to officially reserve your surgery date and prevent others from booking it. The second payment of 50% is due 4 to 3 weeks before your surgery. You can pay using Interac, credit card, bank draft, or cash. Many patients choose to finance their surgery through medical financing companies like I Finance or Medical Credit, with plans spread over several months. It’s advisable to compare interest rates and consider transacting through your banking institution or contacting your bank or Accord D (Desjardins) for options.

You may feel pain and swelling in your face after the surgery. It’s important to take the medications as prescribed by Dr. Chen Lee and follow all his instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. Dr. Chen Lee is available after surgery. If you have any concerns outside of clinic hours, you can send him a text message, and he will call you back as soon as possible.

In the first few days post-surgery, it’s important to rest and avoid physical strain, except for necessary movements like walking to the bathroom. Dr. Chen Lee advises regular interval walks, gentle walks. He recommends a recovery period of 2 to 3 weeks. As time passes, the scar will gradually fade. At your one-month post-op appointment, we may suggest using silicone gel to further improve and lighten the scar’s appearance. The full results usually become apparent around 1 year after the surgery.


Having questions about cosmetic surgery is natural. Dr. Chen Lee is dedicated to using his expertise to help you understand the processes and make informed decisions about your procedure.

Good candidates for a brow lift are individuals bothered by drooping eyebrows, deep forehead wrinkles, or frown lines.

Candidates must be in good health, have no serious or active illnesses or existing medical pre-conditions, and have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery. If you plan to lose significant weight, you should discuss these plans with the doctor before surgery.

Please note: A brow lift or forehead lift won’t halt the aging process; your skin will continue to age naturally even after the procedure.

The forehead and eyebrow area often reveal signs of aging like drooping eyebrows, heavy eyelids, and expression lines. A forehead lift targets these structures to smooth the forehead, raise eyebrows, and reduce wrinkles. It can be done alone or combined with other procedures like a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Advancements in brow lift techniques, including endoscopy, offer various approaches tailored to each patient. Surgical incisions may vary depending on the chosen method. It’s important to note that a brow lift doesn’t stop aging.

Practiced in both women and men, it can be performed from the age of 40. However, the temporal lift is sometimes performed much earlier when the factors are hereditary and not age-related, such as initially low eyebrows or certain frown lines between the eyebrows due to muscular hyperactivity.

Eyelid lift with forehead lift are commonly performed together.

Advances in brow lift surgery make it possible to perform the procedure through a variety of approaches, including endoscopy. Brow lift surgery is individualized for each patient. The surgical incisions used may vary with the technique selected by your surgeon to meet your needs. The brow lift cannot stop the process of aging.

Dr. Chen Lee is a board-certified plastic surgeon. During your consultation, he will perform a complete evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for a brow lift.

Meet the plastic surgeon, Dr. Chen Lee at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal.

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