Rhinoplasty Before After #06

Before & After Nose Job Surgery


This 40-year-old woman had extensive deformities to her nose from a dog bite sustained 24 years ago. There was extensive scarring to the skin and loss of cartilage to the septum and nasal tip. Before nose job photos show severe nasal asymmetry, loss of nasal projection, and soft tissue scarring. Because of the severe scarring and loss of nasal tissue, goals of rhinoplasty were limited to improving symmetry and nasal tip projection. Open rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts harvested from the right ear was performed by Dr. Chen Lee. After rhinoplasty photos were taken 3 months post-operation.

Note that nose job surgical cases of Dr. Chen Lee are presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. These illustrative cases should not be construed as a guarantee or assurance of the treatment results attainable by prospective patients.


Rhinoplasty – Open tip rhinoplasty with cartilage grafts harvested from the right ear.

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