Botox | HA Fillers Review Realself 2016-08-28

Dr. Lee has been my wife's plastic surgeon for botox treatment for the last few years. The results have always been fantastic. I was getting age lines on my forehead so when my wife went for her regular botox top up, I decided to go with her to get some advice from Dr. Lee. I also have a shallow chin and had always wanted to have a full chin without surgery. Dr. Lee said botox would remove the age lines to give me a smooth look, and, to my delight, he said he can also give me a full chin with filler injections, no need for surgery. It would be a simple quick procedure and he could do it at the same time as the botox. A full chin without painful and complicated surgery. I was sold. Now I have a smooth forehead with no lines plus also a full natural looking chin. I have to go back for a filler top up once a year or so, but that is well worth it. Dr. Lee provided excellent advice and did a tremendous job. Thank you Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is a very caring and knowledgeable cosmetic/plastic surgeon. He takes the time to explain everything to me and make sure I know exactly what is to be done. He also follows up after the procedure and makes himself available for any questions I may have. Dr. Lee is a tremendous doctor and I highly recommend Dr. Lee.