Developing a Customized Treatment Plan

Planning your plastic surgery

Following your initial consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal, a management plan tailored to your specific needs and desires will be formulated. If treatment is recommended, Dr. Lee will also thoroughly review relevant alternative options and risks associated with cosmetic surgery. Understanding the benefits, risks, and alternative treatment options will enable you to make a fully informed choice.

Cosmetic Surgery Risks

The notion of enhancing your physical form through cosmetic surgery is intriguing and exciting. However, it is important to consider the risks and complications of any cosmetic intervention. Surgery and general anesthesia always carries some risk to your general health. While rare, there even exists the possibility of death. At your plastic surgery consultation, Dr. Chen Lee will review in detail the relevant risks and complications associated with your desired cosmetic surgical procedure. 

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Patient Forms

The following are useful downloadable pdf documents.

Medical Questionnaire used at the initial consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal at AestheticaMD

  • Click to download Medical Questionnaire 
    This downloadable pdf file is the same medical questionnaire used at the initial consultation in the office of Dr. Chen Lee at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal at AestheticaMD. You are welcome to complete the form at home or on site in our office.

Consent forms used at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal at AestheticaMD

Guidelines on the preparation, healing, and breast massage for breast augmentation surgery in Montreal

American Society of Plastic Surgeons Guiding Principles on Fat Transfers in the Breast

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