Initial Consultation

Plastic Surgery Consultation with Montreal Plastic Surgeon
Beauty?…  What constitutes “beauty”? It may be a cliché, but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. During your initial consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal, Dr. Chen Lee will attentively listen to your ideas and personal objectives desired with plastic surgery. Let him explore with you the best choices to achieve your cosmetic surgery goals. With more than 20 years of plastic surgical experience, Dr. Chen Lee is ready and well prepared to help you achieve your ideal look through facial plastic surgery, cosmetic breast and body surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal. Beauty Conscious… We live in a competitive beauty conscious society. A person’s confidence, self-image, and outlook on life can be greatly influenced by his or her face and body. Dr. Chen Lee understands how your life attitude, confidence and esteem can be disrupted by the ravages of age, weight change, and disease. Desired Objectives… With the greatest of confidentiality and sensitivity, Dr. Chen Lee will listen to your desired objectives. He will be interested in learning about your desired look and appearance. If it helps you to express yourself, feel at ease to bring assist devices (i.e. garments, bra padding, images, etc.). In addition to your desired appearance and physical form, Dr. Chen Lee will be interested to understand your thoughts on how plastic surgery will affect your personal and professional life. With a thorough understanding of your cosmetic surgery objectives, Dr. Chen Lee will be able to facilitate a safe and pleasant Montreal facial plastic and cosmetic body surgery experience. Medical History and Examination… Your initial consultation will always include a thorough medical history and examination. A detailed general medical history is necessary to identify risk factors and medications that can affect your cosmetic surgery outcome and recovery. If possible, medications such as Aspirin should be stopped 2 or more weeks before surgery to reduce the bleeding risk. Habits such as cigarette smoking will increase anesthesia risk as well as predispose you to wound healing problems and should be stopped as soon as you decide on having cosmetic surgery. Key physical measurements will be recorded. Your skin quality will be noted. Old healed scars and incisions will be examined to provide Dr. Chen Lee clues as to how your constitution will affect your healing following plastic surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal. Photographic Documentation… During your initial consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Montreal, Dr. Chen Lee frequently will recommend medical photographs be taken. This is especially important if surgery is planned. Your preoperative images are important medical documents. They assist in your surgical planning and also act as important archival records. Click here to learn about a Surgeon’s Credentials
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