Jaw Width Reduction by Injection

Masseter muscle reduction is a popular cosmetic procedure to achieve a slimmer and more refined jawline.

Feel insecure about the size of your masseter muscles? Dysport or Botox injections offer a solution. Say farewell to a prominent jawline and hello to a more balanced facial appearance. With masseter muscle reduction, regain confidence in your smile and overall look.

The Essentials of Jaw Width Reduction

During your consultation for masseter muscle reduction using Dysport or Botox injections, we’ll discuss potential complications, recovery, and pricing with you.


Masseter muscle reduction can be reduced with Botox or Dysport injections.

Botulinum toxin, including Dysport or Botox Cosmetic, is a leading treatment in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Chen Lee, a Botox and Dysport injections specialist, will guide you toward the most suitable solution for your needs.

These injections are designed for individuals who perceive their jaw as overly square, rectangular, or wide. Dysport or Botox injections work to diminish jaw width, thereby refining the facial oval.

The injections specifically target the mandibular muscles responsible for an excessively square jaw.

The injection should be administered at the lower border of the masseter muscle.

Typically, a full vial (100 units) of botulinum toxin is required to treat both sides of the jaw. Alternatively, you can begin with half a vial (50 units) and return two weeks later for an additional half if necessary.

Dysport: Marketed by Galderma (also the manufacturer of Restylane), Dysport is less recognized than Botox in the USA and Canada, yet it has been available in Europe for many years. You may also know Dysport by its former name, Reloxin.

Botox: Years ago, Allergan acquired a product called onabotulinumtoxinA and identified its potential for therapeutic applications. Following clinical trials, the company submitted the data to the FDA, which facilitated the product’s first approved therapeutic use.

Déroulement & Risques

Masseter muscle reduction by injections are usually planned on a quarter year basis.

During your consultation, Dr. Lee will assess your jawline and determine the best approach for achieving your desired results. He will discuss the options available for reducing its width using injections such as Dysport or Botox.

On the day of the injections, fasting is not required.

The procedure occurs at the office and can typically be performed immediately following your consultation, provided you arrive punctually for your appointment. With just three micro-injections on each side of the jaw, a reduction in the size of the jaw muscle at the mandibular angle is achievable.

Possible complications are rare but can occur:

  • Locally: you may encounter redness, bruising (hematoma), and swelling around the eyes, which typically subsides within 4 to 5 days and gradually diminishes over a few days or weeks. Additionally, you might experience temporary sensitivity issues, such as forehead tension or fleeting eye pain.
  • Results imperfections: Possible imperfections in results may include the persistence of fine lines or asymmetry. They will be subject to rapid correction by toxin or other techniques.
  • Complications: Complications may include headaches, drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid, dry eye, and, very rarely, allergy, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, dry skin, or mouth.

    Aesthetic procedures, particularly Botulinum Toxin treatments, strive to deliver realistic and fulfilling outcomes tailored to your preferences.

    With Botulinum Toxin, rejuvenation is achieved in exchange for reducing or eliminating specific facial expressions.

Financement & Convalescence

Masseter muscle reduction by injections are usually planned on a quarter year basis finance

Payment for non-surgical treatments is due on the same day as your appointment with Dr. Chen Lee. You can settle your bill via Interac, Visa/Mastercard, or cash. Please note that we do not accept checks or American Express cards.

Dysport costs $13 per unit plus taxes, with an equivalent dosage strength to Botox. (3 units of Dysport equals 1 unit of Botox)

During your consultation, Dr. Chen Lee will assess your needs and recommend the appropriate number of units for your treatment.

If you’re considering financing for a treatment involving Dysport, Botox injections and several filler syringes, you can request an estimate from us after your consultation with Dr. Chen Lee. Once you have the estimate, you can contact the financing company to specify the amount you wish to borrow.

The treatment should be repeated every 6 to 8 months, longer than the typical 4-6 months for Dysport/Botox in aesthetics.

Over time, the reduction in muscle volume becomes more enduring, resulting in less frequent treatment intervals.

Without any adjustments, the jaw typically reverts to its initial appearance after approximately 1 year.

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