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Thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year on women and men.

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Cosmetic surgery offers you a choice to change and improve your appearance.Β Today plastic surgery procedures are common, popular, and viewed positively by the community. It is important to approach cosmetic surgery with realistic expectations. You should understand that perfection is not attainable. The objective of cosmetic surgery is to achieve improvement. Post-treatment surveys with patients who have previously undergone cosmetic surgery procedures have consistently reported high degrees of patient satisfaction. Improvements derived from cosmetic procedures can be life-changing. The benefitsΒ include elevation of confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of well-being. Some find their professional prospects are improved.

You are not alone in desiring an improvement in your appearance. Thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year on women and men. Parents of children who suffer from protruding ears or a congenital deformity may seek correction at an early age. Teens whose skeletal growth has been completed, age 15 years for girls and 17 years for boys, may wish to refine the appearance of a large nose or to alleviate severe breathing problems. Most often, the cosmetic surgery candidate is an adult in good health, psychologically balanced, financially stable, and has well defined realistic objectives with cosmetic surgery.

The potential benefits of cosmetic surgery are fantastic. You might look and feel younger, thinner, and more attractive. However, the greatest benefit is achieved when you no longer are bothered by a particular physical attribute. This often elevates your emotional confidence to allow you to enjoy life experiences instead of worrying about the way others are looking at you. Many cosmetic surgery patients discover that they become more outgoing and sociable. Procedures like liposuction and breast reduction can greatly enhance your quality of life. People who have had cosmetic surgery find themselves more physically active and leading a healthier style of life.

Cosmetic surgery, like all procedures in medicine, carries with it some degree of risk. Complications are few but do occur. Modern procedures have diminished most risks. However, these complications are amplified with certain health conditions or social habits (i.e. cigarette smoking). Cosmetic surgery risk management commences with your choice of plastic surgeon. It is important to choose a well-trained plastic surgeon with a highly regarded experience.

  • During your consultation Dr Lee will explain in details all the risks related to a breast augmentation and answer all your questions. That is why our consultation last 2 hours :) #breastaug #bba #breastimplantmontreal
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  • What is Rhinoplasty? #rhinoplasty #plasticsurgeon #montrealrhinoplasty β€’
Rhinoplasty is reshaping of nose through general anesthesia. Ot is customized for each patient. A rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of a nose, change the shape of the top or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.
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During your consultation @drchenlee will explain you in details the surgery !
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